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Ear-to-Ear Translation

Inspirations from natural conversation when people speak their mother language. Each person wears one of the earbuds, completely hands-free and wireless. Groundbreaking technology and miraculous experience with in-ear wearable style.

Simul Mode - instant translation, unmatched

No translators dare to challenge- first of its kind to successfully feature Simultaneous Interpretation - the Simul Mode. Drastically speed up conversation efficiency in different languages, no more pauses and breaks in between. This is your freedom of speech.

One to Many - Your All-in-One Solution

With Multi-channel Communication Technology, WT2 Plus supports cross-language conversation for not only 2 people, but up to 4 with just one single mobile device by utilizing its performance, and expansion capability. This solves problems such as small meetings, cross-cultural families, and international gatherings.

Optimized Translation - and better

Dual Noise Reduction Technology: Beamforming and Neural Network algorithm, drastically improve quality of your voice input.

High Accuracy: Optimal integration of the world's finest language recognition engines.

Translation Core: self-developed incremental Learning, constantly optimize models, and collaborate with top players in the industry.

Built-in voice model for faster translation

The speed of Speech Synthesis accounts for 50% of the speed of Speech Translation. With built-in spcoch model, the translation speed is fasten by at least 50% under similar network conditions. Say goodbye to your wait, and all those embarassing moments.

*The speed of translation depends on the network condition, and length of the sentence. It is recommended that you make sure the network condition is good, such as 4G, and Wifi.

Three Modes - Meet Greater People, Everywhere

Simul Mode, Touch Mode, and Speak Mode are designed for business, social, family, and educational needs; allowing you to interact and engage with a simple switch. Sometimes your potentials, are beyond your very imaginations.

Simul Mode: Suitable for quiet environments. Each wears an earbud, speak non-stop, translation plays continuously in the other person's ear.

Touch Mode: Suitable for complex environments. Touch and hold the hidden sensor to activate the translator, then say something, release to translate.

Speak Mode: Suitable for short conversations with strangers. Wear an earbud yourself, no heed to share the other earbud. Translation plays through speaker of the mobile phone: but the translated response still plays in your ear.

Anywhere is possible

Business, Exploration, Cross-Cultural Families, Language Learning, Share your story.

Ultra Duration, Talk More

The earbuds operate for 5 hours straight, charging case at 100% battery provides 2-3 full battery recharges, generating a total of 15 hours operation time. Even bother? More than 30 days standby time, allowing a whole week of pleasure without worries.

Constant Upgrade for Greater Value

Timekettle constantly develops and integrates the latest technology to optimize WT2 Plus, its APP, and launch these updates for greater performance, and user experience. An ever appreciating product that leaps toward the future.

Sharing Design - encourage people to communicate

Since WT2 reveiled itself to the public, it has been recognized by countless international design awards. The innovative concept origins from our desire to encourage users to communicate with people from different cultures and languages. With this design, each connection is easier, each experience is much more friendly.

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