HP F770 Full HD 1080p Dash Cam

Marque: HP

Code produit: E0M8WCZKVJ

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This fantastic camcorder is designed to clip right onto your existing rear-view mirror, easy installation and occupying few coverage of the windshield, so it becomes favorite assistant to lots of drivers. f770 not only wears a classic design but also integrates an adjustable lens on the back side of the mirror which brings much more care upon driving. It comes with a 5 inches large screen and the most friendly user interface. The f770 supports dual camera recording with an excellent 1080P resolution front camera and a 720P resolution rear camera. Big aperture F1.8 is equipped to help you to grab the best quality video footage even at night. f770 is also built-in with parking mode, and a variety of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS), which provides you not just recording, but more safety precaution.

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