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Samurai Air Drone is a well designed and robust Air Drone which can be used in outdoor environment for amazing flights up to 28 minutes.Samurai Air Drone over Trees

Armed with the GPS tracking system, the Air Drone would fly back to its original position when it is out of range. This would greatly enhanced the protection of equipment from flying out of range and losing it.

Try crossing up the sticks on the Samurai Air Drone and it will perform an wobbling, twisting turn and then allowing the flight to continue in high stability with perfect control. Thus, this well designed flexibility of the flight control can yield smooth flight and great experience..The 650gram Samurai Air Drone is build to carry 1.5kg of load and can fly up to max of 600 metres of height.

It can fly the distance of 4km with fully charged battery.

It works well in environment of temperature from -10 to 50 (テ・ニ・テ・・€ãƒ»ï¾ƒãƒ»ãƒ»€ãƒ»ï¾‚ッツセツーC) degrees.

It has the max lifting speed of 8m/s and the speed will travelling back to original position would be 10m/S.

With fully charged battery, the max flight time for the Air Drone is 28 minutes while the max flight time if loaded with Gimbal and Camera would be 15 minutes

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