Car DVR - 6.86 inch IPS Screen HD Dual-recording Safe Driving Assistance System Dual Dash Camera with ADAS

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1. Processor: Quad-Core ARM Cortex A7 @ 1.3GHz

2. RAM / ROM: 1GB / 16GB

3. Graphics Processor: Mali 400 MP2

4. Front camera: FHD1080P 140 degrees

5. Rear camera: AHD1080P 180 degrees

6. Gravity sensor: DA380

7. Operating System: Android

8. External power: DC 5V 2A

9. Main functions: forward collision warning, lane departure warning, pedestrian detection warning, front car start reminder, panoramic back-up image, dual recording before and after 1080P, GPS map navigation, multimedia music playback, WIFI wireless Internet access

10. Material: Plastic

11. Size: 195x85x45mm


1. Do not place the machine in harsh environments such as humidity, dust, steam, oil fume, etc.

2. Do not use thinner or other chemical cleaners to clean the machine, use a soft cloth to clean the machine.

3. The machine should be kept away from the hot and cold places, storage temperature: -25-80 degrees Celsius, working temperature: -20-65 degrees Celsius.

4. It is forbidden to use a power source that does not match this product, and it is forbidden to bend or squeeze the power cord with a heavy object to avoid accidents such as short circuits.

5. The driver must not operate this product while driving! All consequences caused by the driver illegal operation while driving are irrelevant to our company.

6. Please do not try to repair the machine by yourself. If there is any failure of the equipment, please turn off the power and stop using it, and contact your supplier.

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